Saturday, January 21, 2017

TAT 2017 Post 10 01/21/17

2017 is here and thus begins another TAT adventure.

I finally got my suspension parts back from KTMWorld and spent this morning putting the bike back together. It took less time than I had expected and by noon I had all the suspension installed and the rest of the panels, lights, etc. reinstalled.

Since I disassembled the KTM to have the suspension reworked I have made the following changes/upgrades to the KTM:

1               Replaced stock 2.25 gal tank with 3.45 gal tank
2               Removed all environmental control hardware
3               Installed new end cap on muffler
4               Installed new exhaust port
5               Installed airflow vanes in intake
6               Installed new fuel rail on throttle body
7               Installed wheel weights, front and back
8               Installed heavy weight springs in struts and shock
9               Re-valved struts and shock
10           Lowered suspension by 2”
11      Shortened kick stand

What I have not done yet and won’t for a couple of weeks is:
1               Adjust the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) with the electronic meter I bought from KTMWorld
2               Install ReKluse Auto Clutch I have setting on my workbench

The weather was perfect so I decided to go for my first ride and fill up my new larger fuel tank. My first impression is the bike is even more powerful than before. I knew the intake/exhaust mods had the potential to add 4-7 more horsepower and it looks like it has definitely made an increase in power. Acceleration is amazing although I still have the stock sprockets. I’ll regear in the future after riding the KTM with the new mods for a while.

My only negative comments are
1               The front end really feels sensitive. It has the tendency to start oscillations with very little input or bump. Not sure if this is caused by the new suspension springs or the wheel weights I added. I’ll take off the weights first to see if it improves. If that doesn’t help I’ll have to contact KTMWorld to see if they have any info to provide.
2               The bike pops and backfires on deceleration worse than it ever did with the environmental hardware installed. Adjusting the TPS should fix this I hope.

The bike feels much more manageable after being lowered 2 ½” (2” by suspension and ½” by installing low boy Seat Concepts seat). I was riding with tennis shoes and could still almost stand flat-footed. My riding boots have a thicker sole so it should even be better when all geared up.

The rear shock and I assume the struts still need to be adjusted for sag, etc. I will do that in the near future but I am very pleased with the results of my mod effort and feel the bike is finally becoming my favorite ride.

More to come after I adjust the TPS and install the ReKluse!!

After First Ride!!